• Oysters


    always fresh

    Official regular supplies from manufacturers from around the world from France, the UK, Europe and Russia. Exclusive offers on the Russian seafood market. Uninterrupted supply deliveries to restaurants, delivery in Moscow and in the offices and the house through an affiliate network.

  • Living seafoods

    Living seafoods

    for true gourmets

    Live seafood harvested in the ocean and generate natural environment of the sea, come to your table in its original form. Our unique supply chain can deliver and save you all the nutritional and culinary properties of seafood.

  • Chilled seafoods

    Chilled seafoods

    from Russia, France and Australia

  • Frozen seafoods

    Frozen seafoods

    natural crab meat and fish

  • Equipment for restaurants

    Equipment for restaurants

    aquarium systems and fish racks

minimum order from

Living seafoods, frozen and chilled seafoods, delivery of seafoods

Implementation of a living clam and seafood: scallops, oysters, mussels, spizuly, karbikuly, anadary, Cucumaria, northern shrimp, sea urchins, red caviar (salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon, salmon)